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    Qlikview SBE and configurable LDAP



      We've installed Qlikview on a new server in the DMZ.

      Now I need to authenticate users.

      In QMC I have the following values configured:

      Authentication: Prohibit anonymous; On local computer.

      Authorization: NTFS ( it's SBE)

      I've tried the following in DSC:

      Active Directory( with the IP and port of the Domain controller)

      Configurable LDAP ( with the IP and port of the Domain controller).



      The log of DSC shows that the communication is possible, but when I try to find users I get Zero Hits.



      I've read http://www.qliktips.com/2011/06/nobody-said-it-was-easy-configuring.html

      and other posts about this subject but I'm stuck!!

      Can anyone help me? Any ideas on how can I solve this issue?