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    Show specific value in text element

      Hi there,


      I am unsuccessfully trying to show the value of a text field in a text object, after applying some filters.


      The table data is as follows:


















      There is a unique Stage_i name for a specific selection of Process, Subprocess.


      I need to show two filter panes (for Process and Subprocess) and then show the corresponding name for each Stage in differente text elements, when Process and Subprocess are defined.


      I found this thread on the subject (https://community.qlik.com/thread/125940), but I’m not able to translate and make the set analysis syntax work in my case.


      Could you please suggest something?


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          Eduardo Sommer

          Hi, Manoel


          Are  you sure there is no duplicates in your table? Like having the combination Process/Subprocess leading to more than one instance of Stage_1. If you have more than one, it will display a null


          Share your qvf, so we can help you find the problem.



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              Hi Eduardo,


              Thanks for your reply. You were right and the set analysis expresion wasn't working (wasn't showing anything) because with my former data model I wasn't correctly defining the information to be displayed. There were more than one possible result to show and it was returning null.


              I introduced a "primary key" in the main data table and also divided the data load in two different tables.


              After that, a simple set analysis expression (only({$<Stage={'Stage_1'}>}Description)) worked fine.


              Thanks for the guidance.