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    Failed to open document



      We have QlikView 8.5 installed on our server. Once we have created our Qlikview documents we save them to the server c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Documents

      This then appears in the document list http://myukswcap1bo001/Qlikview/plugin/plugin_alldocs.htm and can be opened via Internet Explorer.

      In the list I had the standard QlikView example documents and a couple I had created myself. All worked fine.

      I added another document to the folder and this appeared in the list, but would not open, giving the error message "Failed to open document, You do not have access to this document". I tried the QlikView example documents and these gave the same message, but one of the documents that I created works fine. All the documents can be opened locally.

      Any ideas?