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    QV 9 Access Permissions


      I have Qlikview Server 9 installed and I am confused as to how Qlikview handles permissions.

      I have a user on the same domain as Qlikview that is not allowed to log onto the server machine that QVS is on but is allowed to log on to Qlikview Server and access documents as long as it has document level permissions.

      Does this mean that Qlikview automatically authenticates all users in the domain and it is up to the Qlikview Administrator to carefully control access through windows file level permissions?

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        • QV 9 Access Permissions
          Karl Humma

          For the most part you have it right. But it depends on what settings you choose in qmc, ie. DMS or NTFS mode. Check section 16.2 of the qvs reference manual that should help. It should have been installed in C/Program Files/QlikView/Documentation folder.


          Hope this helps!