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    Filter Null after Join

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi There,


      I got a problem with my Set Analysis. At first, i have 2 tables that i join. 1 is looking like this: a, b, c and the second one is looking like this a, b, c, d. So when I join these 2 i get a table with a, b , c, d (simplified). NOW, when i try to sum(a) i will get a lot more than expected because there are the values of column a of the second table too. The only way how i could filter them is by set analyzing column d. I want all the values of sum(a) where d has no value -> NULL.

      I tried to do something like this: sum({$<d -= {'*'}>}a) but i'll get no values.


      Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

      FYI column a,d has integer values in it, b is a timestamp and c got some Strings