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    Less/greater than a variable data

    Filiberto Cacciari

      Hi everyone,


      I would like to compare in set analysis a "DateField" with a variable MonthYear.


      e.g. I can calculate the last 12 month value for every month (in Aug15 I display the sum of value from Aug15 to Sep14) with also an if condition. But I would like to insert another condition linked with a  "DateField" great/less than a MonthYear and I can't do that.


      Here the "wrong" example of my expression, in this case I'm trying to explain what I'm looking for in Aug15:


      Sum(aggr(rangesum(above(total sum({<[Rata Aperta/Chiusa]={'APERTA'} , datamonthyear([Data Pagamento Rata])={">Aug15"},

      datamonthyear([Data Documento Fattura])={"<Sep15"}>} ([Importo Rata Corretto]*([Importo Carico]/[Importo EM TOT NO IVA_Corretto])/1000000)),0,12)),



      I would like that the expression works for every MonthYear.


      Hope it's clear enough.


      I attach here my qvw.


      Thx so much