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    Distribution Service of Publisher Standard Edition in QV 9


      we use the Publisher Standard Edition in QlikView 8.5 for creating and updating our qvd and qvw files. We need the Distribution Service for creating reload-groups in which the files are reloaded one by another.

      Now i´ve created a test server with QlikView 9. We´ve got no seperate publisher licence, because the standard edition is part of our server licence and i can´t use this licence to start the publisher service in version 9. Now i can´t use any function of the distribution service.

      If i see right, the only function of the qv-server is to reload a several file. I can set a time for reload, but that was it. No functions for creating groups or s.th. like this.

      Do i failed to see it or has qliktech castrate the "publisher standard" functions in version 9?