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    NPrinting Pixel Perfect: Convert Qlikview Datetime format to Dayname()

    Matthias Oehme

      Hello community,


      in a pixel perfect report I would like to display the min and max Date of the selected values. I added the formula




      and the result preview shows me the corresponding date (i.e. '31.10.2015'). But when I use the field [maxDate] in the Report it displays me the Date in the numerical qlikview format, i.e. 42307.


      I already tried several ways with formatting the label as DateTime, with no luck. (it returns 'dd42307MMyyyy') and in the NPrinting Training I wasn't able to finde an example.


      Before I made some Word /Excel Reports, there was no problem in displaying the values as intended.


      I hope someone can help me out.


      Kind Regards