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    IE Plugin Problems For Our CIO (Need Help)

    Thomas Mumaw

      Ok group I need your help. We have completed our first application and rolling it out to a few people in our IT department for testing. The big problem is our CIO can't access the documents through IE. He is running IE 7.0, we have installed the IE Plugin, and made qlikview a trusted site. He is able to run the application in JAVA, but wants it in IE. He goes into accesspoint and sees the available documents, however when he clicks on one the sees a blank screen with Done at the bottom. The message says

      Error : Object expected

      URL: qvp//kqlikviewprd1/Kent-Resi-Great Lakes-OPG.qvw? iis_authenticate=700985B6D5A97DD20091842CA6B4EB230451CCED