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    Qlik Sense Integration



      Is it possible to store qlik expressions/variables in an excel or some other external storage and load it to Qlik Sense on demand via API, Webservice etc?

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          Jonathan Poole

          You can do it without the API using the data load editor.



          Load * inline [


          Sales, Sum(Sales)




          set vSales=peek('Variables',0,'MeasureExpression')

          set vCosts=peek('Variables',1,'MeasureExpression')


          The 2nd argument is the row number of the table starting at 0. Set will not evaluate the condition , it will set the variable to the text. Use $()  expansion syntax to leverage the variable in an expression dynamically.


          This approach is the CRUX of externalizing expressions and measures outside of QlikView and Qlik Sense for use in multiple applications. Its a key way to establish some data governance and inject new expressions into an existing production app.  Its a good technique to master !


          ps:  you can do this with master items yet.  That would need the API.