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    Expression Issue Help !

    Amit Saini

      Ho Folks,


      I'm not sure if this is because of my data model , but I'm facing issue with below bar chart.



      Instead of showing all Defect_Desc. , bar is only showing "Appearance".


      Dimension: =if(Month<>Month(today()),SubField(Defect_Description,'-',1))


      sum(aggr(Sum({<Complaint_Acceptance-={4,5,6,7}>} QTY_PPM*Top_Pos_Flag) /

      (Sum ({<Complaint_Type = {1, 3}>} QTY_Delivered_TOTAL) + Sum ({<Complaint_Type = {2, 7}>} QTY_Received_TOTAL)) *1000000,%MANDANT_Key))


      Kindly help!