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    Will the new version 17 NPrinting have the capability of using a QlikView Field for email "Send To" addresses?

    Andy Thompson

      We know NPrinting can send an email to a group of users (currently no dynamic option is available).


      NPrinting needs to have the capability to send individual emails with their information just like "cycling" does for dynamically naming files.


      I have 200 sales representatives who I need to email their daily performance reviews. It is my understanding that NPrinting can only send to a pre-set group and not dynamically to individuals.


      This feature is really a "must" in dealing with many individual reports.  I believe NPrinting v17 will have a subscription option but that is not effective if you need to push reports to individuals using emails.


      I am looking for any suggestions or support to Qlik to include this functionality in NPrinting.