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    Only Show Data for Months with Data

    Cassandra Baqir

      I have a chart that shows a monthly accuracy %.


      Dimension: =if(today()>FISCAL_YEAR_MONTH,FISCAL_YEAR_MONTH)


      Expression:  $(vForecastVariance) = num((($(vForecastRound)-$(vActualRound))/($(vForecastRound))), '#,##0.0%')


      Variable: vActualRound = round(sum({$}ACT_AMT), 1000)/1000 





      I only want the data to show where sum($(vActualRound)))>0 so that if we don't have actuals posted for the current month, no % will show for that month.


      My expression is set to show condtional: aggr(sum($(vActualRound)))>0, FISCAL_MONTH_YEAR) but this doesn't seem to be working because even though we don't have anything in ACT_AMT for November, I still see a % for November.


      12-2-2015 1-53-09 PM.jpg


      Any thoughts?