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    Processing loop for nprinting on demand

    John Ramirez

      I am trying to go through the on demand tutorials on my local machine. I have a licensed copy of qlikview, nprinting designer, and nprinting server. However, when I hit the test button on the sales with ajax button I receive a processing loop. Any ideas? Both the nsq files are added to my server service. I am current running the services through my personal user account on my computer.




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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi John,


          You do not need to add the .nsq files to the server for on-demand to work.


          This troubleshooting guide might help - your setup should conform to all points listed: Configuring and Troubleshooting NPrinting Server Service and Schedules


          HTH - Daniel.

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              John Ramirez

              The problem still persists unfortunately. Please see below

              Dedicated NPrinting Service Account Configuration

              • I am currently using my personal windows account for Nprinting.Is this ok? I don't have qlikview server installed or anything like that. I don't believe it is shared by any other windows service. I have logon as a service, and I am a local administrator


              Configuration Requirements:


              1)     I do not have a personal edition. Am I suppose to input something for default Qlikview Server?

              2)     I am not using a mapped drive

              3)     I have an admin account

              4)     connection looks OK

              5)     Not 100% sure on checking the windows log

              6)     No macros are in the sales for ajax demo

              7)     same version for nprinting designer and server

              8)     Both designer and server are installed on the same machine

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              Jonathan Poole

              A common error with On-demand is not implementing the QlikVIew license desktop for the service account running the NPrinting service. You can try changing the service to run under your own account (which hopefully you have licensed qlikview for) or logging into windows as the account running the service and manually licensing qlikview with that account as well.

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                John Ramirez

                To daniel - In my internal log i did find "INFO NPrinting.OnDemand.ServiceStarter - On-Demand service has started successfully". Please see attached screenshot.


                To Jonathan - I believe my button is big enough. However, the 'x' and the 'remove all' button does function correctly. It removes it initially, but once I reopen the app, or switch sheets the report appears back in the queue. I am going to check licensing now. However, I am concerned because I am running the service from my personal account. Will keep you posted. Thanks.

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                  John Ramirez

                  Jonathan and Daniel - My Qlikview desktop licesnse is applied, and I am logged in to windows under 'JohnRamirez'. However I had an odd turn of events today. I went into services today and saw that I had a service called "Qlik Deployment Console" running. In the properties window > log on, it was set as a "local system account." I changed this to be set to JohnRamirez.


                  I then went into Sales for ajax and the "Excel Report Top 25 products" worked! However, I received a different error with "multidoc word report" and the "Powerpoint report with multiple pages". Please see attached screenshots.Capture10.PNGCapture9.PNG

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                      Jonathan Poole

                      Thats good. It proves you have on-demand working. The Qlik Deployment Console is a Qlik Sense addon (separate to NPrinting) .  I'm not sure why this would have blocked on-demand. Honestly, these 2 products should not have any overlap. I'm not sure what happened.


                      for the 2 reports, i suggest opening up the NSQ in Nprinting designer and manually running the 2 reports that fail in on-demand. You might see additional errors to help fix the issue.

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                          John Ramirez

                          Thanks Jonathan. I agree I think the Qlik Deployment console was just a coincidence. Perhaps just giving the computer a rest for the night helped.


                          So I looked into my designer and I see that I cannot edit those specific reports. Additionally it looks like those reports do not have the correct path for the templates included in the tutorial. Please see the attached screenshot. I am going to try to move the templates into '%DefaultTemplateFolder%', or redirect them. Will keep you posted. Thanks.



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                          Mike Czerwonky

                          You also need to make sure you save your QV app in normal mode and not web view mode.

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                          John Ramirez

                          Hi Jonathan, Daniel, Mike.


                          I found the solution. I'd like to use this post to inform future users that may have the same problem. So when you start the nprinting tutorial you are directed to put all the files into a specific path. This path is

                          'C:\NPrintingTraining\'. This is all well and good. However, some of the reports require templates. In the NSQ file the reports are looking for templates in  %DefaultTemplateFolder%\PowerPoint Report with multiple pages template.pptx (The default nprinting folder on your computer), rather than in C:\NPrintingTraining\Templates\ where they exist.

                          The solution:

                          In designer either change the template destination of the the powerpoint report with multiple pages to C:\NPrintingTraining\Templates\ or copy all the files in C:\NPrintingTraining\Templates\ and put them in %DefaultTemplateFolder% for nprinting. This is also contingent on the enviornment varialble selected for the path. See screenshot below.

                          What I did:

                          I changed the path for the template to be C:\Users\Public\Documents\NPrinting\Template and copied the templates from C:\NPrintingTraining\Templates\ into that directory.


                          What I learned:

                          If you download the nprinting tutorial, you need to check to make sure report templates are directed to their proper directory before testing the ondemand functionality. Hopefully this will help someone in the future going through the tutorial.


                          Big thanks to Jonathan, Daniel, and Mike!Capture12.PNG