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    qvpx global methods

      i'm currently trying to understand how to use the qvpx protocol to access core api methods, but i'm still a bit confused

      so far i've made a little c# project sending requests to the /qvajaxzfc/qvsviewclient.asp, and tested it with the example given at the end of the "QlikView Server API" documentation (the one starting with : <Global method="OpenDoc">). It worked fine, but i have some more questions that need answers :

      - what methods are allowed or forbidden when called via the qvpx protocol ? Are they exactly the same as the standard automation API ?

      - how are those methods called ? the second (and last) example from the documentation is <Doc method="GetSheetObject">, so i think the syntax is <ObjectType method="ObjectMethod">, but trying this after assuming my last point is true yielded only <message text="Invalid method" />. What am i doing wrong ?

      - what is the meaning of the <_retval_>Doc:1</_retval_> returned after the global OpenDoc method ? how am i supposed to use it ?

      - is there a more meaningful documentation/tutorial/example about this api ?



        • qvpx global methods

          I would like to second jgeorges question.

          The qvpx API seems to be either very poor documented or very nonfunctional at all...

          I am currently trying to export bitmaps of charts via a windows service and cant use neither ocx (which would do the export without problems and only some little code) because its a activeX which doesnt realy run as a service nor can i find any other working solution.

          If you dont know the answer but the email adress of one of the ocx developers this would help too Stick out tongue


          Please help.

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              Here is what I found about this topic :

              the value returned when executing global method is a handle for a qlikview object

              for example :

              <!-- request #1: opening the document -->
              <Global method="OpenDoc">

              <!-- response #1 : document was opened, its handle is 1 (you can have only one document per session, so this handle isn't required for document methods) -->

              <!-- request #2 -->
              <Doc method="GetSheetObject">

              <!-- response #2 : the handle for this StraightTableBox is 2 -->

              <!-- request #3 : GetContents must be called before trying to access the content of an object, i don't know why -->
              <StraightTableBox method="GetContents" handle="2" />

              <!-- response #3 -->

              <!-- request #4 : now that we have a handle for the object and we have called the GetContents method, it's fine to call the GetTableAsText -->
              <StraightTableBox method="GetTableAsText" handle="2" />


              I hope this is of some help

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                  Thank you that helps me quite a bit.

                  Where did you get that information? There has to be someone who knows all this.

                  If this goes on I am going to BruteForce Xml requests from my server Tongue Tied

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                      I got the information about handle from qliktech support, and the getcontents tip from many tries and errors.....

                      the lack of documentation is really frustrating....

                      the only thing left is using a tool like firebug to watch the requests made by the ajax client, but it only uses a strange syntax which has nothing to do with the standard api methods


                      good luck

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                      Kathiresan Karmegam

                      Hi Jgeorge,

                      We tried to implement the above solution to get the data from Listbox and Straight Table and we have got the results until the Request 2#:

                      <Doc method="GetSheetObject">

                      This gives the response.


                      But the Request 3# onwards we get a message saying "Invalid Method". We use Qlikview 9 SR3. Could you please tell us what could be the problem.




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                          I do not know the cause of this problem. I don't remember what version I used to make my tests. Anyway, calling API methods from QVPX methods won't be possible anymore in version 10, so implementing an application based on this feature will become obsolete real fast.

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                              Kathiresan Karmegam

                              Thanks for your response...

                              • qvpx global methods

                                Hi jgeorge,

                                Do you know the replacement for QVPX methods in version 10? Thanks in advance.

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                                    I do not think there is something to replace this feature. As far as I have understand, qvpx will now handle only the refreshing of the sheets and objects contents. I think there was improvement in the server webservices, but if I remember correctly they are useful for the administration instead of the document interaction.

                                    Why do you need qvpx global methods? Maybe there is another way to achieve your goal.

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                                        Hi JGeorge,

                                        Thanks for your quick reply.

                                        I'm using QVPX (QvsComRemote.dll) to access the list of documents, sheetobjects, etc. and integrate it in one of our system. Though QvsComRemote.dll is still in the server install, I noticed that its not register (via regsvr32). I hope there is something that replaces this feature.

                                        Yes, I heard about the web services for system management, would be good if this is the same road map for Global Methods.

                                        Thanks again.

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                                            Hi JGeorge, are you still working with qvpx?

                                            Have you and example of code that use the protocol?


                                            Thanks and regards

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                                                Hi Stefano,

                                                I first tried to use qvpx and global methods calls in order to enhance the QlikView ajax client with custom-drawn objects. It was hard to start on this given the lack of proper documentation and anyway the new extension feature of QV 10 is here to do exactly that. So I gave up qvpx and am now working on an extension. Note that the documentation is far from perfect too, but at least there are a few working samples you can work on to get yourself in. If you want to achieve something else I'm afraid I won't be able to help, my only advice would be to get something like firebug or fiddler to watch qvpx requests and responses between the ajax client and the QV server to understand how it works before mocking this behavior with your own code.

                                                But you really should try to find another way to achieve what you want: QlikTech does not consider the qvpx protocol to be used by third-party components, thus it can change without warning. It's sad this is never said through the "documentation", but I got this information from their R&D team so I think it's pretty reliable.

                                                Good luck!

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                                                    Thanks for your answer

                                                    Do you think is possible to re-use the js of ajax client to interact with server? The client should implement the qvpx protocol...


                                                      • qvpx global methods

                                                        Of course it's possible in theory, but I think you'll have to work real hard on it. The QV ajax client does not use any standard js library, all is done by hand from the beginning, so just getting a global understanding of how it works will take a lot of time and effort. Also, you'll have absolutely no guarantee that your code won't break with the next version. I think it will be far easier to understand the qvpx by watch requests and responses on a real document (qvpx can change too, but is less likely to change in my opinion than the js code).