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    Expression that shows curtain data

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QV Community


      I have a data that is wrong and I can't change it.

      But I want to make the expression that shows the data the way I want


      here is an example of how the data is:



      Sales nr.CustomerCategorySales
      1BenzMotorcycle   356.443    
      2BenzFamily Car   458.236    
      3BenzFamily Car   515.862    
      4NissanSmall Car   315.448    
      5NissanFamily Car   698.523    
      6NissanMotorcycle   155.869    
      7VWFamily Car   200.125    
      8VWMotorcycle   486.953    


      I use the expression Sum(Sales). Then I select Family car and small car.

      Then I got the data I want. But then I saw that the data was inaccurate.

      Sales nr. 8 was wrong. It has the wrong category. It has Motorcycle but was supposed to be Small car.

      I can't change so I was trying to figure out if I could make an expression that shows Sum(sales) and sales for VW for category


      thanks in advance