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    Dont use/show possible values

    Paul Steinborn

      Dear Community,

      as we know QlikView shows us all data that is possible, but what about when users want only to see what they active click?


      For example we have a list with Months and Sales


      As usual if nothing is selected the user sees all months and sales.

      What if we want to change the behaviour, that if nothing is seleced nothing is shown and only if for example a month is selected the coresspondending sales are showing up. In other words if you want to see data you have to click to enable it.


      Is this possible? I have not found any configuration that allows to change this behaviour.


      Best regards!

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          Sunny Talwar

          I know you can restrict the charts to only display something when you select something with may be this kind of thing


          Len(Trim(GetFieldSelections())) > 0


          But may be there is another way to doing it, instead of going into each chart to do this.

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            andy whitfield

            Hi BioB,


            check out the option of using Calculation Conditions in the chart in question on the Properties > General TAB:


            In the above example the chart only calculates if the users selects less that 10 Customers





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              Mark Kite

              What you can do in a pivot or straight table is something like this on the first Dimension's expression, which I assume would be your 'Month'...


              = IF ( GetSelectedCount ( Month ) > 0, Month )


              If there are any selections against Month then it'll return the Month, if not, it'll return NULL.


              Now, also on the Dimensions Dialog, select that column and make sure that 'Suppress When Value Is Null' is checked.


              This will prevent any rows being displayed unless there is a specific selection against the Month.