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    Draw a vertical bar with a cyclic group in Y Axis of Bubble Scatter Chart

    Jake Esau

      Hello everyone,


      I'm relatively new to Qlikview but luckily have several other people here that work with Qlikview regularly, but none seem to have a good solution for this issue.  Very simply, I'm trying to draw crosshairs on top of the chart always at 50% of both the x and y axis.


      I have a bubble/scatter chart with a static X axis and a variable y axis (cyclic group with 3 expressions).  I want to draw a horizontal line that always half way up the Y axis.  The X axis one was easy due to the static axis, but the Y axis can vary significantly (including with negative numbers).  I tries setting a reference line at 50% and it always drew it at zero, then tried some other higher numbers and got closer, but I can't determine exactly what that percentage option is doing.


      Due to the cyclic group of expressions, I don't think using an expression is an option because I can't get the current displayed field because it is an expression.  However, if there's a way to get the minimum and maximum display Y values of the chart (not from the field) I could use that.


      Any help would be appreciated!