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    Using Variables in Fields when creating a Filter

      I am new to Nprinting and wanted to know if it was possible to have a filter based on a variable?


      For example, the document I use has a variable (vLastMonth), and I want to filter a field (Acctg Mon) to whatever the last month was so the report is created only showing the data from the past month. I tried using =vLastMonth and just vLastMonth in the value for the field filter.

      When I brought them into the report and applied them to the image, I was getting an error on my charts that said it couldn't be calculated.


      Am I missing some step somewhere in the process of applying a filter with a variable expression, or is this not the right way to go about this.


      I read through the article below but couldn't find anything related to this specific problem.

      How to Create Static and Dynamic Filters Based on Fields


      Thanks in advance.