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    On Demand- Specified path not found

    Manish Madan

      Hi All,


      Getting below error:-




      Any clue?



      Manish Madan

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          Mike Czerwonky

          Your Nprinting Server can not find your QVW file.  Is your server a local server or do you have a dedicated server?  When we had this problem, it was because our Server did not have the Qlikview software loaded where the Nprinting Service login could see it.   If you login into your Nprinting server with your Nprinting Service account, can you see your licensed qlikview desktop icon? 

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            Jonathan Poole

            Another suggestion is to open the NSQ file in NPrinting designer. Locate the report you are trying to run via on-demand.. and just hit preview to see if it works.  If you get an error you need to resolve that first before on-demand works.

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              Vishwarath Nagaraju

              Hello Manish,

              Did you move you .nsq file?? And does the path on Service tab (When you open the Nprinting Server) is where the path is shown where your .nsq file located?? Does it have the correct path??




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                  Manish Madan

                  yes, same path. checked many times.

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                      Mike Czerwonky

                      Sorry, I was at a QV user group meeting this morning.  So, lets ask a few more questions and see if we can figure this out.


                      1)     Is this your first time using on demand or have you used it with other qv apps?

                      2)     So, if you log into your Nprinting Server, can you open QV and then open your app?  We use remote desktop to connect to our server and see the active desktop.  The login name has to be the same as the Nrpinting Service login

                      3)     When you run the desktop or client version of Nprinting, you are using your local installed version of QV to create your preview.  So, that does not really test your server, only that it can find the file where you say it is located.  When you do this, is it finding your file where you stored it?  The file name and location is shown at the top of the screen on your QV app.

                      4)     Are you using logical drive letters in your file path or network paths. ex  d:\Nprinting\App or \\server\Nprinting\app ?    In Nprinting Service, I indentify the location with the file path as d:\...  but in my on demand setup, I use the \\server location for the files.

                      5)     You have run the Server Monitor on the server and the nprinting service is started?  See below

                      6)     The server has the correct location of your Nprinting files?  See Nprinting Files location below

                      7)     You have saved your document in normal mode view and not web mode view?


                      Nprinting Server Screen.PNG


                      That is my basic trouble shooting for On-Demand.  Let me know if you find something that helps

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                    Hello Manish,


                    Does the box 'Enable external requests' is cheked?

                    You have to enable them

                    turn off the web view

                    save the qv doc

                    turn on the web view and run the report.


                    Hope it will be helpfull

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                      Randi Borys

                      I didn't read every reply, so maybe someone mentioned this, but is your template file in the correct place?


                      Sometimes the defaults in NPrinting can make this a little confusing. I usually use the Project Folder variable, then a Templates folder inside of that.


                      Of course, if you are able to schedule the job and it works, this is not the issue.

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                        Daniel Jenkins

                        Excellent suggestions from the community that should point you in the right direction. For the record, for On-demand to work:


                        * Enable external requests is not required to be checked. That is for triggering Tasks or reports via external XML requests: How to Execute NPrinting Reports by External XML Request

                        * The NSQ files do not need to be listed in the QlikView NPrinting Files list box in the Server GUI. That list can be empty and On-demand will still work if everything else is configured correctly.


                        HTH - Daniel.

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                          Alan Feliciano

                          This error occurs when the NPrinting service was stopped in and its process terminated by the Task Manager. To return the NPrinting service, the error starts to happen with all On-Demand report requests. This is because the NPrinting works with an instance of QlikView Desktop open on the service user, and this instance loses reference objects.

                          To solve, do:


                          1. On the Task Manager, end the process in open QV.exe on the service user

                          2. Stop the Server NPrinting service by the NPrinting console

                          3. Start the NPrinting service.


                          Okay, now the reports begin to be generated.


                          NOTE: This happens when there is a project where the source qvw has a problem. So, I suggest you go testing all qvw to find what you are in trouble. The qvw with this problem must be redone from scratch, as there is some property that makes it stand NPrinting processing and can not finalize the report generation.



                          Alan Feliciano

                          Do not worry, be Qlik!

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                            Neha Srivastava

                            Hi Manish,


                            Did you get any fix for the issue?

                            I tried what @Alan Faliciano wrote, but its not working for me.