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    QlikView 8.5  - Cluster Join Denied

      We having an issue where our QlikView server is intermittently going down by restart and saying "Cluster Join Denied by"... from what I've read, this is an issue where we have the same license on multiple machines. The problem is some of the machine that it references in the log files don't even have QlikView Server installed on them. Has anyone seen this issue? Does the QlikView Server poll for other servers by itself? Could this be a license issue?



        • QlikView 8.5  - Cluster Join Denied
          Johannes Sunden

          Hi Jim,

          Since you're able to cluster QlikView Servers with a special license QVS will automatically broadcast on the net it's on to see if there are servers to cluster with running the same license. This requires the license to be a cluster license with a value for Cluster_Nodes set to more than one. Otherwise the QlikView Server services will go down every 10 minutes with the Cluster Joined Denied error.

          Make sure that there is no other machine running the QlikView Server Service with the same license key and the problem should go away.

          If you are unable to locate the machine please get in touch with Support who will help you out.