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    Table measure not working line by line

    lakwinder singh

      Hi Guys,


      I'm doing a table with two dimensions and around 11 or 12 measures, all the measures are displaying the correct data per dimension apart from one, can anyone see what i'm doing wrong and why this one isn't working.  I test the numbers in a KPI with the set analysis filtered to just one value from the dimension and it's right, but when i take the filter off and drop the whole expression in a table, i hope to see all the correct numbers per row for the values in the dimensions, 9 other measures are working as they should apart from this one.


      The TEAM={"*"} filter in the set analysis is not working in this measure, where it is in others.


      Sorry guys i've pasted the expression wrong, this is the correct expression


      I want to divide each row of the dimesion by everything in that dimension