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    Change Windows Domain

      Hi everyone,


      We have Qlikview and recently we changed our Windows Domain. I need to know how to change the domain in Qlikview.


      The services uses accounts of old domain.


      What I must to do?


      Have Qlikview a documentation how to do this?



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The easiest thing is probably uninstalling and reinstalling Qlikview. I don't think there is a Qlikview document for your specific situation. Organisations rarely change their windows domain afaik.

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              Bill Markham

              You'll need to create a service account AD User in the new domain with suitable rights


              I reckon you could then simply change the AD User the QlikView Windows services run under.

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  Don't forget to create a DSC for the new domain. The old DSC will not reassign itself automatically.


                  And remember to reassign all licenses (CALs). Old user accounts that had a CAL assigned didn't display a domain name as long as the old domain was the default one. Check those license assignments now, after your started the services with a new service account as Bill suggested. The list of licensed users will suddenly show the old domain attached to their names (since the new domain is now the default, due to the creation of a new DSC). Depending on the number of CALS, you will have to do some manual configuration work.


                  Not much more to do, so any document would carry only a small body of text...





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                Thanks a lot, I'll think about install a new server and migrate QV to the new server.


                I tried migrate without success.



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                  Brent Nichol



                  I recently migrated to a new domain, without re-installing the QlikView Server and Publisher.


                  As mentioned above you need to create a new DSC entry for the new domain, create a service account and to add it to the QlikView Administrators and Administrators group.


                  I also modified the publisher jobs to distribute to groups/users in both the new and old domains.


                  Any applications with section access, that refers to the Network ID, was setup with both domains.


                  I switched over the QlikView Services to use the service account in the new domain and restarted the services.


                  Then, I used the QlikView Power Tools "ServerObjectHandlerBatch.exe" to migrate all object ownership to the new domain.  This was straightforward, because the User ID's were the same in each domain.


                  After stabilizing, all legacy references were removed.


                  Only had a couple of our users were impacted, because they were signing in with the legacy domain.


                  In my case the new domain was higher in the same AD forest.   If the new service account doesn't have access to the legacy domain, some of the parallel steps I used may not be possible.




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                      I'll try this thanks a lot.

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                        I'm having kind of the opposite problem.    I have a machine here that's complaining because the local user that is running all the QlikView services is not on the domain.   But it's a LOCAL user, it's not supposed to be on the domain.   Yet QlikView seems to want to look for the user on the domain, and of course, it's failing because of it.   I'm seeing this error in the event log:


                        SE_LOG: User - GetStringS: Failed to LookupAccountName. Domain (\\nameofdomaincontroller), Name (localmachinename\localusername). System Error: Access is denied.


                        User and machine name edited.


                        Why is QlikView trying to lookup the local user on the domain?  


                        The history of the machine is somewhat vague, it's a VM that hasn't been used for a good year or so, it may have at one time not been on a domain, then later was added to a domain.   The only thing we really know is that QlikView was updated on it recently, and at that point is when we found it will no longer load documents.    It's a concern because we've only recently switched to using QlikView Server tasks to load the documents, previously using the OCX to run reloads (which still works, BTW), but now, using QlilkView server to reload fails due to this error, even when just done manually from QMC.   So while I'm pretty confident a re-install of this system would not have the problem, there is the concern that this condition might happen to customers in the field and if we don't understand how to fix it, it could become a real PITA later...