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    Error in the

    Luis Papagni


      Someone can help me with the following error from QVS.

      "2009-08-20 15:43:42 2009-08-20 15:58:05 1 120 Error Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: No document purger activity for 30 seconds"

      Windows Server 2003 64x
      QVS version 8.50.6231.0409.10



        • Error in the
          Stephen Redmond


          Not sure what this problem is but it might be worth updating to build 8.50.6299 (Service Release 5) and see if that helps.




          • SV:Error in the


            Have had this error when locking the processors so the qv-server isn't answering. In my case when saving a big file.


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                chandra sarva



                We are on 11.2 SR6 build 12358 and having the same problem. "No Document purger activity for 120 seconds" the server does not respond and we get the QVS communication lost error in the QDS server event longs and the distribution of the document fails to distribute to that QVS server in the cluster.


                This looks like happens only when the QVS server reaches to minimum working set memory.


                Any solution for this ?