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    Nprinting on demand report queue shown directly as a list?

    Markus Hautzer

      Hello together,


      we have a simple question. Our customer will use the nprinting on demand solution.

      He prefers easy navigation without too many clicks. Currently when he has selected a report and some parameters like time frame he has to run the "run" button, then he has to monitor all the time the status of the  report queue [which takes some time], whenever the counter has changed he knows that the report is finished [this alone is not end user friendly] , optional he can click into the report queue to get the list of the reports in the queue and their current status. The click to open the report queu is one click too much. So here is the question: Is it somehow possible to show the report queue as a list directly, since this way it is much easier:

      a) to check the status of the current reports in progress

      b) to navigate inside the pool of already available reports


      Of course, a list box consumes more space, but this is quite acceptable for better navigation.


      Thanks !