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    AND / IF / OR in master measures ISSUE

      Hi Guys,


      This formula doesn't  work. I have created it within a Master Measure
      What this formula does:


      - Find the email addresses that have submitted one and only one answer (aggregate your_answer by email address)
      - if this unique answer is = 28 or #javascript or #javas --> Assign Pass

      - Otherwise assign Fail


      ISSUE: it assigns Pass only if the answer is 1 equal to 28.

      if the your_answer grouped by email address is 1 and equal to #javascript or #javas it assignes FAIL







             aggr(count(your_answer), [Email Address])=1



             AND if(

                    [your_answer]=28 OR [your_answer]='#javascript' OR [your_answer]='#java',[your_answer]



           ),'Pass', 'Fail'




      Guess that it's a syntax problem




      Any Idea?


      Thank you in advance


      PS. Please note that I am not in the script but in the Master Items Creation

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          Marcus Sommer

          I'm not sure if I have understand your conditions right but the expression should look more like this:


          if(sum(aggr(count(your_answer), [Email Address])) =1        


             match([your_answer], 28, '#javascript', '#java'),'Pass', 'Fail')


          - Marcus

            • Re: AND / IF / OR in master measures ISSUE

              Hi Marcus,


              Thanks for your reply and apologies if I wasn't clear.


              this is the issue I have:


              my formula works, but I have a problem with identifying strings.
              If I take my formula and instead of #java and #javascipt I put 29 and 30
              it works perfectly


              but I need to formula to scan the fields and identify if they contain strings (#java and #javascript)

              So I guess that it's a syntax problem related to "Scanning a field and identifying if there is a specific string within it"

              the syntax '#javascript' doesn t work. The syntax '$(#javascript)' doesn t work either.
              again, if I want to "Scan a field and identify if there is a specific number within it", it works.