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    Data load editor cursor offset - this is driving me crazy!

    stuart wannop

      Hi everyone


      When I am in the script editor and I click the cursor somewhere then start to type, the text starts typing about 4 character to the left of where it should be. Similarly for example if I place the cursor to the right of where I want to delete a character or something and then press back space, it deletes the character about 4 characters to the left of my cursor!


      Have I pressed a button by accident or something that has moved my cursor? I thought it was something to do with the indenting but alas not!


      I've tried deleting the app I've been working on, restarting Sense, restarting my laptop but I can't get rid of the issue. Please help this is driving me to despair!


      EDIT/UPDATE!! When I press CTRL A to select all the script I can see a faint duplicate of the code in the background, coincidentally slightly off to the right. Very strange.