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    Paging with Qlik Rest Connector

    David Edvardsson



      I´m trying out the new REST connector from Qlik.

      The connector works great, but I´m currently struggling with getting paging working correctly.


      I´m using "NextURL" to get the next "Sheet" and i works great until i hit the last page.

      The API is returning "N/A" if there is no more pages to fetch and my load script will then try to fetch something like https://api..../N/A.

      This will result in a failing load since that webpage don´t exist.

      Is there anyone else who had a similar issue and managed to solve it?

      It would be nice to simple create an if statement but I´m not sure how that would look.


      I reduced the amount of fields to make the script to make it easy to understand. (I tried both in Sense av QlikView, but it´s the same connector so the issue is the same.


      LIB CONNECT TO 'TestRestAPI'







      FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root";


      I also tried with both XML and JSON but the problem is the same.


      Thank you.