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    printing a cell data into merged cell and expand rows as the text increases in nPrinting.

      Hi Everybody,


      I need a help to solve one important problem I am facing with excel report in nPrinting.

      I have one table data in Qlik. One of the expression field has large text value (2000 char).

      when I am populating the table data in excel template using nPrinting, the large cell value is not showing in merged cell it unmerge then cell and populating all data in a cell. Now I can not see the whole text as it is too long.

      I tried with variable but the problem is, this kind of large data field is more than one and has different filter.

      so when I put all fields with different variable then I tried then it is only showing the first selection (matching filter) data but not the others.
      but my requirement is print all field data.

      so kindly give some solution.


      I am attaching the QVW file along with the excel layout and nsq file of nprinting.