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    Issue with One Shared file

    Mohammad Qadir

      Hi Team,


      We are facing issue with one shared file our of 5 we are using with below log line


      ErrorShared - FileRead: Error reading shared objects of type MetaData, StopLoadingWhenSharedFileIsCorrupt: 0, Document: D:\MYKIANALYTICS\QLIKSHARE\PUBLISHED QVW REPORTS\USAGE.QVW.Shared


      This is issue is preventing user from creating any bookmarks on this particular application. This issue started occurring very recently and log is getting filled very quickly with above lines with more number of users loggin in.


      Work Around Tried :


      This we have tried de-fragmenting and repairing shared file. It seems now user is able to create bookmark but still we can see issues with log.


      We need your help with this issue.


      Current version we are using is

      Client Build Number11.20.12852.0