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    NTFS issue with Qlikview 9 - permissions are not retrieved correctly in certain cases

    Joachim Rogginer

      After upgrading from 8.5 to 9.0 I noticed that suddenly some of my users couldn't see a folder any more when trying to open in server.

      After a long time of searching and troubleshooting I found out that QlikView couldn't "read" the effective NTFS permissions correctly any more, if a user has effective permissions via "nested group membership" - don't know who I should name it els, but I'll describe it here:

      The users were all members of Active Directory group ACC; the AD group ACC was member of the AD group COMP2USERS. Group COMP2USERS had all the necessary permissions for accessing QlikView applications on folder COMP2, yet users who were members of COMP2USERS via group ACC couldn't see this folder in QlikView. When giving group ACC permission on the folder, the users could see it again.

      QlikView support confirmed this behavior but had not yet an information if it was a BUG or a WAD. I hope it does not turn out to be a WAD as it worked in earlier versions and is a very critical matter.