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    Qlikview 9.0 Server License Offline Activation Issue

      Hi, everyone

      Install Qlikview server 9.0.9117.4 on Win XP SP2, with .net 3.5.

      Problem 1: open in browser the QEMC web -> "http://localhost:4780/qemc/SourceDocuments.htm"

      following error occurred:

      error loading image

      error loading image

      error loading image


      Problem 2: Activate Server License Offline

      a. is it possible to activate it offline with ready LEF.txt?

      b. if yes to Q(a, how can i do that, is it going to be similar to 8.5 or earlier?

      c. Tried both online & offline activation, the LEF.txt information does not appear in the 'All Users' -> 'Application Data' -> 'QlikTech' folder. How to resolve?


      Thanks a lot.