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    Sorting Values in Stacked Area Chart not working as I wish

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi there, I have a problem with my area chart.


      I can set it up as need but when i'm done it is headfirst (see picture) Kopfüber.png

      The red parts should be at the bottom of the Chart and the light and "normal" blue ones should be on top.


      To Data:



      -Field for different areas with 8 different values (e.g. working, change cube, etc)





      i tried to swap sorting so it should be in the right order, only the bottom of the chart is changing (see next picture)kopfüber sort changed.png

      It looks like only a part of the field changes its order.


      I hope someone could help me. Thanks in advance.





      P.S.: Things i don't want to do but worked in other cases with such a problem:

      -adding a field with values and sort by expression to get the desired sort order.