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    Old documents in QV9

    John Andersson

      Old documents that i'm removing from QV server are still showing in Qlikview Management. Why?

      Can i delete it somwhere?

      The document was not reloaded because the path "C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents\\XX\XX.qvw" could not be found.
      The task "XX/XX.qvw" failed. ErrorCount=1

        • Old documents in QV9

          Did you remove the reload planning before removing the QlikView file itself?

          • Old documents in QV9
            Bill Britt

            This is an issue with Version 9. You need to make sure you clear the tasks before you delete the QVW.. Here is how to fix it. Please backup any files you edit before you do.

            Stop the QlikView Publisher Command Center Service

            Edit the DocumentTask.xml remove the lines that are invalid.

            Start the QlikView Publisher Command Center Service


            Now in the QlikView Management Console edit one of the tasks that is still valid. I have been able to just open the task and save it.


            Now the old ones shouldn't be under Status anymore.


            • Old documents in QV9
              Artjoms Tukums

              I solved this problem with copying any qvw file in difined folder and renamig it to deleted file name. Then I removed reload process for this file in QMC. And after that it is possible to delete unnecessary qvw. And it is all without stopping any process of QVS


              • Old documents in QV9

                I had the same problem and fixed it with renaming to old document names liked described above.

                But i still have one problem now:
                My old documents with reload error keep listed in the STATUS view in QMC and QEMC. How can i clean this list or remove them there?