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    Nrpinting on demand is not working via AJAX

    Johan Breukelaar

      Dear group,


      I want to start using NPrinting On Demand in our dashboard. I have looked at the tutorials and setups etc.

      I can push the button to create a report from the desktop client in WebView and the report will be made available.


      When I access the same dashboard from another computer via Access Point then nothing happens when I click the button.

      On server nothing is written in the audit log of nprinting. I was thinking perhaps a firewall issue but as my ods is configured for http and with the external url , then it would face the same issue.


      Does anyone have an idea what else I can check?


      Kind regards


      Johan Breukelaar

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          Frank Savino

          Check to ensure that you have met the compatibility requirements


          NPrinting On-Demand: Supported Environments & Minimum Requirements


          Once  this is confirmed, you should ensure that the following is checked very carefrully.


          Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules


          When configuring the On Demand object, ensure that you use the name of the NPrinting server and not 'localhost'.

          Make sure the nPrinting service account can access all network files and folders. Make sure you open the QVW using the nPrinting service account login. This will ensure that all the criteria are met in the troubleshooting document as this will expose any potential macro or qvw access issues. Make sure ports 9000, 9001 are not blocked on your network nor on the NP server/client environment.


          If you continue to experience issues, please contact the Qlik Support desk directly to investigate the issue in depth.

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            Mike Czerwonky



            Just a general suggestion for you.  Your issue is similar to several that I have commented on recently.  Before posting a new issue, try searching through the forum for issues that might be similar.   I will say that we followed the guides that Frank mentioned when we first set it up and we were able to figure it out.  Our biggest issue was making sure that the NPrinting Server user login has access to a license QV desktop session.


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              Johan Breukelaar

              Dear all,


              I have resolved the issue. And yes you both were correct that it was a setup issue. In my case the port was closed on the firewall. This was due to a firewall change and I thought all settings were copied from the old to new, but after your posts I went through every single component and found that the port was closed in the migration. Thank you for your responses.