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    how to drill to underlying data in a chart/graph

      for instance in qlik sense, if the user selects a bar in a bar graph, is there a way to view the underlying data for that filtered selection within the app or does the user have to export to excel first?  ideally the user would be able to scroll/search in a spreadsheet-like view to answer very specific questions or even view somewhat of a preview of the data as it would appear in excel prior to downloading 

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          At the moment the way to do that is use two chart objects: 1. the bar chart where you click on a bar and 2. a table object with the details. The table with the details will be filtered when you click a bar in the bar chart. The table object will have a scroll bar if there's more data then fits the space it has on the screen.

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            Jonathan Poole

            i would suggest adding a 'calculate condition' to the table object. You can use getselectedcount()  and count( distinct )  to check to see if the user has selected a filter or selected for less than x number of rows before rendering... it might help with the application flow for the user.   If the calculation condition is unfulfilled you can show a message


            'calculation condition' is a property of the table and other objects on the right side.