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    I need to force display of null values (I think?!)

    Ryan Minaker

      I've seen a number of posts related to this same issue, but I've not been able to get anything to work for my specific case. I'm hoping someone can help, as I believe this is pretty straight forward or I'm just missing the logic or functions!


      I'm loading data into Qlik Sense that I hope will enable me to track who has not attended training, based on a course that I could select from a filter.


      I have two tables:

      • A table with the names of all the staff in the company [MasterList]
      • A table with the names of all the staff in the company who have attended training [AttendedList]


      So I have my master list of all staff, and I have the list of everyone who has attended training. When I load the data into Qlik Sense, I can easily see who has taken training, but I can't figure out how to see who has not?


      For example I have a table with [Name] and [Course Title] dimensions. I can see everyone who has taken the course, but I want the table to show everyone who has no also (i.e., I'm seeing 2000 records when I should be seeing 3000, and 100o of those null).


      I had initially thought it would be as easy as to look for the null values, but when I apply a filter based on course I don't see any, even though I know there are!


      I spend a lot of time at the load script level trying to filter out names on load, but now I'm wondering if I should bring in all the data and try to filter it out inside Qlik Sense -- a way to force a null value to display maybe?


      This is what my data looks like at the most basic level. Any help, much appreciated!




      [MasterList]:   // Names of all staff



      [First Name] & ' ' & [Last Name] as [Name],





      [AttendedList]:   //Names of staff who have attended training



      [First Name] & ' ' & [Last Name] as [Name] ,

      "Course Title"