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    Forecast Snapshot Data

    Danielle van Eeden

      Hi All,


      I currently have a report in QV which shows the forecasted upcoming volumes - this forecast data updates each day based on events achieved and dates amended in our system. We now have a requirement to measure what actually happened against the forecast from a given point. So for example this could be something like: on 31st October, the forecast for all of November was 100 purchase orders. However, in November actually 120 purchase orders were dispatched.


      I think we need to snapshot the forecast data to lock it down at a given point (say, on the last day of each month, the forecast data for the following month is snapshotted). My initial thought was that I could manually export the data out of QV into an Excel file each month, and then re-export it back into QV to do the analysis against the actuals.


      I'm sure there must be a smarter way of doing this though?


      Any pointers much appreciated!