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    Backwards compatibility

    Paul Scotchford

      Hi All,


      Anyone out there using QlikSense Server v2.0 and QlikSense Desktop version 2.1.1 ?


      If so, have you noticed issues when exporting an App from the Server and opening it up desktop 2.1 ?


      It appears a developer can develop a 2.1.1 app and import to Server 2.0, and the app will run as expected.


      However, if some changes are done to the app on the server then exported back to the desktop, the app

      does not work correctly. In other words, calculated measures show a value on the server, but show a null

      on the desktop,.


      This is a simple app, although the calculations are set analysis. The data model is still in tact with all data according to



      Is it perhaps that when Qlik forces the upgrades of desktop, that server versions should also be upgraded in sync ?


      See the screen shots below ...


      Server 2.0 version .



      Exported from server to Desktop 2.1.1.



        • Re: Backwards compatibility
          Paul Scotchford

          It appears that a full load is required in this instance, although the variables that are set in the load script appear to be

          still in the app, they need to be recreated by re-running the loader.


          Summary : The above symptoms were eliminated by a reload on the desktop. I tested another app with the same results.