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    Howto: Posting to Slack from Qlik Sense load script

    Göran Sander

      Being a heavy Slack user, I have for some time thought about the possibility to integrate Slack and Sense.

      Turns out it isn't hard at all..

      Oh, never heard of Slack? Check it out - it's a really good instant messaging/group communication tool.


      Being able to post Slack messages from the Sense load script opens up all sorts of possibilities, for example


      • Have different reload tasks post to different Slack channels, depending on what the tasks do.
      • Post messages when a scheduled reload job starts and ends.
      • Post status messages for long running reload tasks. It is suddenly trivial to get an idea of how far along that 3 hour reload task has come.
      • Post information about failures during the reload. This is especially relevant if a reload task should continue even if some failure occurs – quite often you would still want to notify someone about the failure that did happen.
      • Notify end users and stakeholders that their Sense apps have been refreshed with new data.


      Full writeup here.


      Should be noted that the approach described in the post above may introduce security risks in a Sense server setting - so do read the Sense help pages for the "execute" command before deploying this in a production setting.

      I'll post an alternative solution in the next few days too, where security can be kept on default (=higher) levels.

      Which one should be used depends on your use case - if you are running Sense desktop you can probably use the approach described above. In a setup with sensitive data you might want to go with the proxy based setup described in the coming post (need a few days to wrap it up..).