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    QlikView 9 - Webservices do not work? (cannot call WSDL)


      I am trying to connect to some of the webservices offered in QlikView 9.

      What I have done:

      - First I have enabled the batch-mode in QlikViewDistributionService.exe.config
      <add key="EnableBatchMode" value="true"/>

      - I am trying to call http://localhost:4720/qtxs.asmx ==> OK, I get the hello world

      - then I was trying to call http://localhost:4720/qtxs.asmx?WSDL ==> Error, not available


      Any ideas? Do I have to wait for Service Release 1 or should this already work ...

      BTW, I realised the same behaviour for all webservices offered ...

      Best regards