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    Problem in chart show

    morgan shoshter


      I am writing this letter as a help request and my problem is as below:

      I have made a chart in developer version 8.5 to make a comparison of a selected year and the previous year, and my expression script is:" (

      ((sum({$<???={$(=Only(???)-1)}>} [???? ????])) /count({$<???={$(=Only(???)-1)}>} [???? ????]))-

      (sum({$<???={$(=Only(???))}>} [???? ????])/count({$<???={$(=Only(???))}>} [???? ????]))



      ((sum({$<???={$(=Only(???)-1)}>} [???? ????]))/count({$<???={$(=Only(???)-1)}>} [???? ????])) "

      And the chart using this script works correctly in developer version 8.5 but is not shown in server version 8.5.

      Would you please help me in my problem?
      Thank you very much in advance.