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    Building QlikView Extension - read js files from folder

    Lital Rokach

      Hello Everyone,

      I'm building a QV extension using a few different js Files. i'm having an issue with sorting all files and insert it to folders.

      when i located in the root folder all scripts worked.

      when i tried insert them to root\js folder the object was not drawn and the functions were not recognized.

      i tried to simplify the code by adding alert function after adding the extension an it didn't work.

      i'm using  QlikView 11.2 SR9.

      this is my main.js code:

      var files = [];

      var _path = "Extensions/myExtension/";

      var template_path = Qva.Remote + (Qva.Remote.indexOf('?') >= 0 ? '&' : '?') + 'public=only&name=' + _path;

           files.push(template_path + 'js/myScript.js');

            Qva.LoadExtensionScripts(files, function () {

                 Qva.AddExtension('myExtension', function () {




      myFunctionInOtherScript() is a function in myScript.js


      Has anyone got any ideas why this code doesn't work? Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,