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    How to get Start Date till End date in qliksense

    Brijesh Maurya



      I have one date field [Inventory Date] . I want to keep Start date always as 01/01/2011 and End date should be date with

      Customer select in list box for Inventory Date..


      set vStart =  min(Inventory Posting Date]) //// Minimum date for Posting Date is 01/01/2011.

      set vEnd =  Max(Inventory Posting Date])


      Sum({< [Inventory Posting Date] = {'>=$(=Date(vStart))<=$(=Date(vEnd))'} >} [Item Ledger Entry Quantity])..


      When User  Select Date from List box it should sum quantity from 01/01/2011 till selected Date.






      Kinldy Help me on this.. Thanks in Advanced.