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    text objects in Nprinting

    Johan Kruize

      We are investigating whether Nprinting is usefull to us

      We developed an app in Qlik that has a lot of txtboxes.



      When creating a template (Word) i don't see any available txt-boxes only charts or tables.


      Am I doing somthing wrong ?

      When refreshing the connection there are much more objects than there are available to use in the template.

      Should I use cells when I want to add a single textbox ?

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          The text objects should be available for use in the template. You will have to add them as images.


          Use "TX" in the search box when selecting the objects and that should filter it down to the text boxes.

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            like stephen described, you can bring the text object into nprionting as an image, and then place the image within the report tempalte.  Depending on the inforamtion in the text box, you might be able to use the NPrinting formula and write the QV syntax to get the inforamtion in the text box, and then palce the formula within the template

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              Mike Czerwonky

              I will ask the question.  What is in your text box in QV that you want to bring to NPrinting.  If it is a formula to create a value, than you can just re-create the formula in Nprinting and then drop the object in a text box you make in Word. You can then format it any way you want with Word.  See this example.  I want the max year of value in a list box.  The formula result is 2015.  I have a cover page on a report I created and use Title Group and Year to populate text boxes on that page and I also use the Yr field on every page of my report.


              Also, unless you have a good reason to use MS Word, I recommend Power Point for making reports.  PPT is a lot more user friendly for placing boxes.  Word is constantly trying to move things around and is a nightmare when you re-size. Once you anchor an object in PPT, it pretty much stays put

              Hope that helps!


              Formulas in Nprinting.PNG

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                  Johan Kruize

                  @Mike. The formulas are rather complex (for a noob) , so I prefer to use the formula in Qlik than to put them in Nprinting as a new formula. I think it is smarter to have the formuloa in one place. When there has to be a change of the the formula I only have to do it in one place. Less chance for mistakes


                  To search for the txt object in images is not very logic, is it ? But i will try


                  Thank you for your answer

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                      Mike Czerwonky

                      You can add text objects as images.  You just need to make sure that the object is formatted exactly as you want it in your QV app.  I would even make it the exact size so that you don't have to mess with the scaling.


                      Review this post that I wrote about exporting images to insure the highest quality


                      Improving Image Quality Export using Clipboard Zoom


                      If you do use this, when you export your text object across, it will be placed in your document at 4 x the size and you will have to scale it back down.

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                        Randi Borys

                        Something that I have made work, but probably isn't a best practice, is creating a straight table without a dimension and just an expression and making it look like a text box.


                        You don't have the same amount of control, but depending on what you need it for it might be an option.