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    NPrinting Conditional embeded report in the email

    srinivas b



      I have created a straight table and it consist of columns Cust_No, Cust_country,Cust_Name, Expected_Percentage(%).This chart showing hundreds of records.


      as per requirement I created  individual excel report by each Cust_Name for showing their performance but not others.this excel report distribute with email attachment separately.


      and also I need to embedded this Straight table chart within body of the mail "with top 10 Cust_No by Cust_name (descending by Expected_percentage)".I have already created HTML report to embedded within the body of the mail.but "how can I get HTML report with only top 10 Cust_No by Cust_name (descending by Expected_percentage) within the body of the mail".


      kindly Provide me solution in this scenario in the NPrinting.