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    Qlikview and Citrix



      My question is the following: I have developed a QlikView report in the desktop application. Now we want to share this document with the users.


      I am new to Qlikview and I don't know what the next step is. We need to publish the Qlikview report and the access would be through Citrix.

      Also each user belongs to a department, so he or she can only see the data of his or her department. When somone opens the report we have to pass a parameter to the URL with the name of the department to filter the data. Is there any documentation to see how to get these two things? 


      Other scenarios are to integrate the Qlikview report in a web-based CRM application and users security.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Bill Markham

          For User specific data security have a look at Section Access.  [Passing a parameter to the url gives no security]


          A Primer on Section Access



          I do not know of any benefits for using Citrix.  All the End User client needs is a Web browser.

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            Bob Forbes

            Hi Lucia


            My experience of Citrix has been with MS Office applications and the like, but I don't think QlikView Desktop will work in that way. The QlikView way is to deploy your application to an Enterprise Server, which end users access through their web browser. You'd need to do more research into licensing appropriately for your number of users.


            Section Access can then be used to limit sections of data to the intended audience, as per Bull's link.