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    Qlikview Server 8.5 x64 - Internal inconsistency, type D, detected.


      Hi All.

      Recently, I installed a Qlikview Server 8.5 x64 in an IBM Blade Server and everything was going pretty well. Unfortunatelly some days ago users have told me about an error acessing QVServer, whose is restarting aplication. Looking at event log, I've seen the following message: "Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type D, detected.". I've seen some discussion about memory violation and etc but I don't believe that this is my problem because IBM Blade Server has 48GB RAM!

      I really don't know where I can start searching for something in this server. If anybody has some tip to send me I'll be very glad to receive it.



      Jorge Olimpia - Brazil