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    Is a Publisher license necessary?

    Lee Van Scoy

      Hi, we are running Qlikview with a Server license, but no Publsher license. Is there any significant advantage to getting a Pulisher license? We've been running Qlikview without one for quite some time.




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          Hi Lee, this are the advantages of Publichser License:


          QV Publisher allows for creating 'tasks' to reload qv documents.  Tasks can be triggered by schedules, the success of other tasks, or external events.  Without the license for Publisher, you can only schedule reloads based on a date/time.   Other types of Tasks can also be created - Distribution, Loop and Reduce, or External Tasks.   For example, with Publisher, you can schedule reload of a document, then when it's completed, it can loop thru the values of a field  (i.e. 'Region'), and save a reduced QV document for each value of the field Region.  Thus creating separate qvw's for each 'Region'.  These documents can then be 'Distributed' to a folder, and certain security applied (allow only certain windows groups to read the qvw on the accesspoint).


          Publisher is designed for more complex tasks, likely required in a larger organization.


          I hope that it help you!





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              Lee Van Scoy

              Thank you for your quick response!



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                Jonathan Poole

                A few other things:


                - in a larger deployment you can separate the hardware resources required to reload dashboard from the hardware resoruces required to host the apps for end user consumption. This is because publisher can be installed on a distinct machine to qlikview server.  You can also cluster each component to scale up each workload.


                - publisher also introduces 'document administrator' role. Its the ability for a developer to have the ability to log into a section of the QMC (not the system section) and manage the tasks. Otherwise you need a full admin to do that.


                - there are also some security implications like hosting your section access table in the QMC, and the ability to tap into other security sources.


                on balance, its usually needed to grow an environment, and many people like to set up the architecture right at the get go so it can be scaled more easily without growing pains, reconfiguration etc...


                Once upon a time, publisher was needed as a pre-req to support 'PDF Distribution' , but now QLik is leveraging NPrinting in lieu. publisher is not a requirement for Nprinting if you have that need... just in case you read old blogs for more info.


                hope this helps.

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                Massimo Grossi

                It depends on your requirements. You just want to try the Publisher or do you have some specific questions you can't solve with the standard task reload/scheduler included in Qlik server?