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    Question on Publisher feature

      I'm using Publisher 8.5.

      I have created a job that send via email a qvw file to an end user.

      The user has the plug-in (for IE) installed on his PC, but he/she doesn't have a QV client.

      I have been told by reliable people that in such scenario the end user is able to open the file, even if he doesn't have a client installed.

      1. i tried myself, and I failed. Double clicking on the attached file, even if I have installed the IE plig in, I'm nota able to open the QV file

      2. it soulds strange to me that such delivery approch should work.

      Am I right or wrong? Maybe is there something I have to do in order to allow users to open QV files from email just with the plug-in?

      Thanks in advance for your help!